Illinois Lottery Winner Shares $12 Million Jackpot with Sons

A Family in Illinois Lottery Scored $12 Million Jackpot

In Illinois Lottery a family has hit the jackpot with a jaw-dropping twelve-million-dollar win on a scratch-off ticket. The lucky ticket was purchased at a suburban Jewel-Osco in the heart of Niles at 7900 North Milwaukee Avenue.

“It feels like it was fate,” the winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared. The ticket number matched their birthday. “I was actually about to buy a different ticket,” the winner confessed, “but when I saw the “20 Years of Cash” ticket, I thought, ‘Why not?’ Boy, am I glad I did!”

The family had endured good-natured ribbing from loved ones over their penchant for scratch-offs. This time, however, their playful investment paid off handsomely. “My sons don’t usually play the lottery,” the winner chuckled, “and they’d tease me about my occasional ticket purchases. I’d always joke with them, saying, ‘When I win, I won’t give you any!’

She called their son when she realized she had won. She squealed & said, “I think I won big!”. Her sons were initially skeptical and they wanted to confirm their mother’s winning on the lottery app himself. “We had to double-check the numbers,” the son admitted. “Seeing it with my own eyes was surreal. But there it was—a winning ticket! We’re still in shock, but we feel like one very lucky family.”

The Jewel-Osco store that sold the ticket will also be celebrating, pocketing a bonus of $120,000 (one percent of the prize amount).

On the question, “What’s next for this fortunate family?” They said to the Illinois Lottery, “We’re going to splurge”. “The whole family is in for a vacation to celebrate our incredible stroke of luck.”.

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