IT Pro Won $50,000 Playing Maryland Lottery To Escape Work Stress

To Escape Work Stress An IT Pro Played the Maryland Lottery and Won $50K

Feeling the weight of a stressful workday at his IT job, a Baltimore-area man named Stone Cold Money (his chosen alias!) decided to treat himself – and his decision paid off in a big way! According to a Maryland Lottery press release, Stone Cold Money, seeking a little post-work stress relief, visited a grocery store in Glen Burnie and won fifty thousand dollars.

He purchased two $10 Fast Play Big Win tickets, “a few” $10 Fast Play Casino Royale tickets, and a selection of scratch-off tickets and ordered lunch while at the store. While waiting for his food, Stone Cold Money used the Maryland Lottery app to scan his tickets, one by one. Ticket after ticket brought no luck until he scanned the final one – a Fast Play Big Win ticket. This time, his phone buzzed with a different kind of message – a winning notification! He had snagged a cool $50,000 prize!

Maryland Officials said in the release he was like, “Oh my God,” and then became speechless. The Maryland Lottery website describes how the winner, still in disbelief, scanned the parking lot to see if anyone had witnessed him checking the ticket. He had complete privacy during his lucky moment.

He then shared the news of his remarkable win with his mother, wife, and a close friend who was no stranger to the lottery’s allure. Now $50,000 richer and undoubtedly less stressed, the man revealed to the Maryland Lottery that he would use the money to purchase a home for his family.

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