A Player of Maryland Lottery Became $50,000 Rich During Family Easter Egg Hunt

Woman Claimed $50,000 Prize During Easter Egg Hunt in Maryland Lottery

A Maryland family’s unconventional Easter egg hunt tradition took a delightful turn this year. The lady became rich with $50,000 during a family Easter egg hunt.

“We all like scratch tickets,” Melissa Blessing, a Harford County 911 operator, shared with Maryland Lottery officials on April 2nd. “And, since there are no kids involved in our gathering, they make great replacements for candy.”

This year’s Easter proved particularly fruitful for Blessing. After unearthing a numbered plastic egg and scratching off the corresponding “Money Money Money” scratch-off ticket, she was met with disbelief because she won big prize. “I saw the match and must have read over the instructions five times,” Blessing confessed. “Am I looking at this right?” she questioned her family, who excitedly confirmed that she had indeed scratched her way to the top prize of $50,000.

Maryland lottery officials said the winner is a resident of Havre de Grace, who has plans to use her newfound wealth to travel and conquer some outstanding bills. “I still can’t believe this has happened,” she said, still in awe of her unexpected win. “As we were all leaving, everyone was saying that this was an Easter we’ll be talking about for years.”

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