Rock Hill’s Man Won Worth $240,000 Jackpot Playing Palmetto Cash 5

In South Carolina Lottery a Man Won $240,000 Jackpot Playing Palmetto Cash 5

In South Carolina Lottery Rock Hill Man Wins Lottery Jackpot with Family’s Birthdays. He played the Palmetto Cash 5 Lottery using the birthday numbers of the family and became rich to over 200K. This lucky winner, who prefers to remain anonymous, secured the first-ever Palmetto Cash 5 “$240,000” prize in South Carolina.

He won the jackpot with these winning numbers – 10, 17, 20, 28, and 30. In a statement, SC Lottery said these numbers were a sentimental selection because that man had been consistently using these numbers for quite some time using family birthdays. Even his wife was unaware of this.

When he & his wife were in South Carolina lottery headquarters, his wife said upon recognizing the winning combination on the ticket “I didn’t even know he was using those numbers.

South Carolina Education Lottery said the lucky ticket was purchased on March 13th at the Publix on Heckle Boulevard in Rock Hill. The Palmetto Cash 5 is drawn daily except Sunday and boasts daily drawings for a mere $2 per ticket. According to lottery officials, the odds of winning the Palmetto Cash 5 jackpot are quite steep – approximately 1 in 850,668. If no winner emerges on a given day, the jackpot rolls over, increasing the prize pool for the next drawing.

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