Craving Cracker Jacks Leads A lady to Unexpected Maryland Lottery Win

A Woman’s Search For Cracker Jacks Led to a Big Win in the Maryland Lottery

Recently a Maryland woman discovered life’s biggest surprises of big prize from her cravings. Fueled by a sudden Cracker Jacks craving, this unnamed resident went on a quest to find a box at a local gas station in Hanover. Unfortunately, she failed in her search for the caramel-coated popcorn snack so she asked the store manager for help but the store manager couldn’t help locate the elusive Cracker Jacks!

So she was disappointed but suddenly her luck took him toward an unexpected twist. While she was waiting for manager confirmation about cracker jacks she decided to try her luck at her favorite Racetrax’s virtual horse racing lottery game. This decision was spontaneous and proved to be a game-changer.

She opted for a Superfecta Box bet, and placed her hopes on horses numbered 8, 9, 10, and 12 crossing the finish line in the top four spots. Buying a ticket she left the store. Later, when she checked her ticket discovered a big win of $300,000 but she became unsure about her win. He told the lottery officials “I thought I missed it,” even “I sent a picture of the ticket to my son to check but I really thought I didn’t win.

However, her son, who accompanied her to the lottery headquarters said, after examining the ticket and double-checking online I said to my mom “What are you talking about, ma, you did win!” The Racetrax ticket, initially a consolation prize for not finding Cracker Jacks is $29,313.30!

She said about her plan for use of winning, she would use her winning dollars for her children’s upcoming weddings.


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