This is No April Fool’s Joke Rather the Powerball Jackpot Has Truly Reached Dizzying Heights

No Winner, Powerball Jackpot Has Grown For the Drawing of April Fools’ Day

The Powerball jackpot is nearer to $1 Billion, While some are thinking it is an elaborate April Fools’ joke, no it’s not a joke rather it is real. The Powerball jackpot remains unclaimed, pushing the prize pool to a staggering $975 million for the upcoming Monday, April 1st drawing!

“While there’s no winner today,” chuckled a spokesperson for the Powerball Lottery, “it appears good fortune is multiplying like rabbits for the next drawing! This is no joke – the jackpot has officially entered ‘life-changing’ territory.”

Powerball jackpot Grown for next drawing after no win

No lucky ticket matched all six numbers drawn on Saturday, March 30: 12, 13, 33, 50, 52 with a red Powerball of 23. Four tickets, one each from Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, matched all five white balls, securing a cool $1 million prize each.

There were also 55 tickets winning $50,000 prizes and 11 tickets taking home $150,000 prizes, so a total of $2.3 million went toward cash prizes.

The last time the Powerball jackpot was claimed was on January 1, when a ticket in Michigan secured a hefty sum of $842.4 million. However, the record still stands at an astronomical $2.04 billion, won by a fortunate soul in California back in 2022.

This marks the 39th consecutive drawing without a jackpot winner, further fueling the anticipation for Monday’s historic drawing. If a lucky winner emerges, they’ll have the option to receive the entire $975 million in an annuity spread out over payments, or a lump sum of $471.7 million – both before taxes.

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