Michigan Woman Claims $1 Million Mega Millions Prize

A Woman From Michigan Lottery Won $1 Million Mega Millions Prize But Thought It’s a Scam

Anna Marquez, a 31-year-old Bay City, Michigan resident, has secured her financial future by winning a staggering $1 million Mega Millions prize. The winning numbers—02, 49, 50, 61, and 70—matched perfectly in the drawing held on March 5.

 Mega Millions

Marquez said, she is a casual lottery player who “played Mega Millions here and there, usually she buys lottery tickets when the jackpot starts to get large. On March 5, the Mega Millions jackpot stood at $687 million. So she bought her lucky ticket at the Michigan Lotter app online.

Marquez recently claimed her prize there she shared about her winning feelings “I initially thought it was a scam.” Michigan Lottery said, Marquez, a casual Mega Millions player who only participates when the jackpot gets particularly large. When she logged in to her account after the March 5th drawing, she was greeted with a sight that left her stunned – a pending amount of $1 million! “Honestly, I thought it was a scam at first because you just don’t think this type of thing will happen to you.”

The winning numbers for the March 5th drawing were 02-49-50-61-70. Anna has exciting plans, she plans to use the prize money to finally purchase her dream home, settle outstanding bills, and wisely save the rest. The Michigan Lottery offers players a chance to win big with each play costing $2.

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