A Lady Won $75,000 in Arkansas Lottery But Thought “No, This Has Got To Be a Mistake,”

A Lady From Arkansas Lottery Won $75,000 Prize But She Could Not Believe Upon Her Win

Sandra R. of North Little Rock, Arkansas, whose “random thought” during a shopping trip transformed into a $75,000 lottery win! The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, in a March 26 news release, shared Sandra’s incredible story. While Sandra was on a grocery trip, she was inspired by the Arkansas scratched game so decided to use her remaining $3 on a lottery ticket before heading home.

The next day, Sandra scratched off the ticket, her heart pounding with anticipation. As the winning symbols revealed themselves, disbelief washed over her. “No, this has got to be a mistake,” she thought, struggling to comprehend her newfound fortune.

Arkansas Lottery said one friend revealed when they came to her, they found Sandra with a face flushed red they knew Sandra had a playful nature, so her friends assumed something wrong with her.

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One friend accompanied Sandra when she claimed her prize. Sandra intends to treat herself to a few special purchases, but even more importantly, she plans to establish a college fund for her granddaughter, securing her future education.

Reference: For the latest info on lottery payouts and federal tax implications visit www.irs.gov.

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