New York Lotto – NYS Results & Payouts

New York Lotto  Results – NY Winning Numbers

Find in this post, New York Lotto Results, Winning Numbers, Payouts, & Odds for April 26, 2023.New York Lotto - NYS Results

New York Lotto Results For Today

Date NY Lotto Numbers Payout
Wednesday, April 26 2023 $2 Million

New York Lotto Results For Yesterday

Date NY Lotto Numbers Payout
Saturday, April 22 2023 $2 Million

What is the Next Draw date & day for New York Lotto?

29 April 2023, (Saturday) at 8:30 P.M. ET (GMT-5:00) is the next draw date & Time to check New York Lotto Results.

NY Lotto Lottery Past Results & Winning Numbers

New York Lotto - NYS Lottery Live Drawings

View here New York Lotto Results, winning numbers for April 26, 2023, last week, & Past 30 days.

Drawing Date NY Lotto BN Payout
25 Apr 2023      
24 Apr 2023      
23 Apr 2023      
22 Apr 2023      
21 Apr 2023      
20 Apr 2023
19 Apr 2023    
18 Apr 2023    
17 Apr 2023    
16 Apr 2023    
15 Apr 2023    

You can find recent and previous results history of the New York Lotto Results winning numbers in the above table. You can also view here New York’s famous lottery (NY Win 4 Evening) live drawing results.

What is the history of New York Lotto?

New York State launched its Lotto game in 1978. In the 1990s, New York Lotto Jackpot minimum ranged from $3 million to $4 million. In 2013 New York Lotto’s jackpot of $3 reduces & became $2 million. Since September 1983 New York Lotto is drawn Wednesdays and Saturdays.

NY Lotto Lottery Schedule

Live Drawings for NY Lotto Results Results are daily conducted at 8:30 P.M ET.

New York Lotto 
Drawing Days Wednesday & Saturday
Draw Time 8:15  P.M ET
Cut-off Time 8:00 P.M ET

What is the ticket cost’s New York Lotto Lottery?

New York’s specific game Lotto ticket costs $1 per play (two lines). Lotto’s bettor has a chance to get massive jackpots rather than small prizes daily.

How to play New York Lotto  Lottery?

Playing NY Lotto is an impressive & finest option to win with fun. New York Lotto is an effortless game. While you follow these given instructions surely, you won.

Buying a NY Lotto ticket costs $1.

Choose any 6 digits from the pool of 1 to 59.

Mark QP to allow the computer to choose random numbers.

Optionally you can take part in up to 7 advanced draws of the Take 5 Lottery.

Verify your numbers after NY Lotto drawings.

What are NY Lotto Prizes payouts and Odds of winning?

New York Lotto odds of winning are pretty fantastic. Lotto odds are incredibly nice so must try your luck on Lotto. New York’s Worthwhile Lotto odds of winning & Prize are given in the below table.

Match Lotto Prize Odds per line Prize pool
6 Jackpot* 1 in 45,057,474 75%
5 + Bonus Number Second prize* 1 in 7,509,579 7.25%
5 Third prize* 1 in 144,414.98 5.50%
4 Fourth prize* 1 in 2,179.85 6.25%
3 Fifth prize* 1 in 96.17 6%
Overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 92.05 for a single play of two lines.
*All prizes are pari-mutuel, so the amount can vary.

Top Stories and News about NY Lotto and Mega Millions

March 31, 2023 – A Bipartisan bill was passed in New York to make daylight saving time. So NY Mega Millions Lottery Ticket sales time was reduced by 1 hour to 10:45 am. Once again Empire State shifted Mega Millions of ticket purchases time to 10 pm from 10:45 Pm that will apply from Apr. 04, 2023.

New York Lotto - NYS Lottery Winning Numbers

New York Lotteries’ drawn numbers are published on our Youtube Channel. Watch our channel’s live-streaming for quick New York Lotto Results.

People also ask about NY Lotto – FAQs 

What are the age requirements for playing Lotto?

A bettor must be 18 or older to purchase and play New York’s Lotto game.

Are NY Lotto winners staying unknown if they won Lottery?

Unless the permission of the NY winner the state keeps lottery winners’ identities unrevealed to the public.

How much time later NY Lotto winning tickets will expire?

New York Lottery tickets will expire after 1 Year (365 Days) from the drawing date.

Citizens of New York City and Yonkers are subject to additional local tax withholdings. New York state is the worst state in which the highest income tax is imposed. In the US winnings Income tax depends on the New York player’s residency and citizenship.

Yes, why not While you select numbers yourself then you can purchase Advances draw tickets in one transaction. For advanced play see our Advance Draw section.

Where can I find NY Lotto Results?

These are the live broadcast channels for New York lotteries. You can see New York Lotto Results on the following channels;

No, There is no need to be a resident to play New York games but you must be present at the time you bet.

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